Care and Use

How to use a Jelly Bear Boutique fitted diaper/inserts:

Our Fitted Diapers come with three inserts, two snap together petals each made from 2 layers Bamboo/Cotton French Terry topped with velour. For a total of 6 layers when used together. The third is a two layer Bamboo/Cotton Fleece doubler, that can be folded in half or thirds and placed in the wet zone.

When the rise is snapped down to the smallest setting you can use top insert on its own to eliminate bulk on smaller babies. The doubler can be added if needed.

Pull insert up between babies legs and fold to adjust the length.

Bring front panel up between legs and use snaps to adjust the rise.

start on one side and snap the first (farthest) stud into the front panel sockets, then do the same on the other side.

Then snap the second stud on both sides, the crossover sockets on the right wing can be used if needed. These diapers do not have a third hip snap.

For bigger babies snap the top insert into the sockets on the bottom insert and snap into diaper. Fold down to fit as above.

For more absorption fold the doubler and place in the wet zone, shown here in front for boys.

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