Monday, 7 May 2012

Are you up for the challenge?

I am officially signed up to participate in the second annual flats and handwashing challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry. This challenge was started  last year to help raise awareness and educate families on inexpensive cloth diapering. There are families that wash and reuse disposable diapers (yuck) or leave them on for extended periods of time to make a pack of disposable diapers last longer to save money.

Why flats? they are very affordable for even the tightest budgets, easy to handwash for those who dont have a washing machine, they line dry in a few hours, a large flat (32x32) can fit from birth (may be a bit bulky) until potty learning. There are many ways to fold a flat that can be fastened on a baby or be pad folded and in a cover or pocket. To further reduce the cost of diapering, items found around the home or thrift shops can be used as flats diapers: receiving blankets, flour sack towels,T-shirts, jersey sheets cut into squares.

Why am i participating?
To prove it CAN be done! If a busy work at home mom of three can cloth diaper without using a washer or dryer, than anyone can.

What am i using?
I have a total of 26 Flats right now
I bought 6 OsoCozy Flats , 10  flannel receiving blankets that i already had, and 10 that I made from various fabrics in my stash. I also bought 2 Rumpeez Hemp Flats which should be here in time for the challenge. I will be using an assortment of wool, PUL, and fleece covers that I made. For fasteners I have 2 diaper pins, 1 Snappi , and 2 sets of Boingos. Washing Supplies: 5 gallon bucket and plunger to make a camp style washerThe Laundry Tarts detergent samplesRockin Green detergent samplesEcos detergent and a drying rack

I am looking forward to the challenge and getting a little bit excited for it. I have started doing elimination communication with my son so it could be a very interesting week. I will be blogging everyday of the challenge, May 21-27. If you would like to sign up and the take the flats and handwashing challenge with me click HERE

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